General Counsel and Business Experience

Dedicated general counsel for your business means having access to sophisticated legal advice from an experienced attorney with deep knowledge of your business and industry to help you execute your business growth plans.

I have experience filling general counsel roles for large and small privately held companies, private equity and investment managers, technology, manufacturing, ecommerce, internet and telecommunications, and film and media companies. This service is designed to provide cost effective immediate advice and counsel on a full range of legal and business issues related to business transactions, employment and HR issues, real estate, intellectual property, regulatory and compliance, tax, finance and fundraising, investor relations, corporate governance, international business transactions and other legal concerns.

When it comes to protecting company assets, understanding personal liability, tax implications, choice of ownership considerations, raising money, hiring and managing employees, licensing, distributing product and complying with regulations, startups have a lot to navigate. Successful startups will look to professionals to fill their gaps, help them execute and clear the hurdles.

Fortunately, for my entire carrier I have worked with entrepreneurs and startups to initiate projects and execute on their vision, manage risks and avoid pitfalls. I am particularly attuned to the budget and bandwidth demands of a startup and I recognize that not all advice is created equal. I am also prepared to help a startup through all phases of growth including raising seed and development capital, integrating partners and advisors, hiring and building a company, growth capital, exit planning, business sales and mergers.

In every client relationship I also add my unique business insights which I developed from years of experience operating and leading successful businesses from capital markets finance to telecom and technology to manufacturing and media. It is my goal to utilize my extensive commercial experience to help my clients maximize their business potential.

How I can help:

  • Business Formations
  • Amendments to organizing documents
  • Corporate Restructuring and reorganization
  • Founder and Shareholder Agreements
  • Initial Board Formation
  • Resolutions and Corporate Records
  • Board and Shareholder Meetings Code of Ethics
  • Corporate Governance Guidelines and Voting Agreements
  • Contracts and Commercial Agreements
  • Software and Technology Agreements
  • Loan and Security Agreements
  • Financing Agreements
  • Financing and Capital Raising
  • Exit Planning and Valuation
  • Assignment and Transfer of IP
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Dissolutions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Employment Agreements
  • Hiring and Compensation
  • Employment Policies, Discipline and Discharge
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Invention Assignment Agreements
  • Regulatory compliance