Employment Practices Audit

Employment Practices Audit

An Employment Practices Audit is an important tool to evaluate legal compliance, with local, state and federal laws and regulations and can help improve company morale, improve efficiency, and lower costs.

Oftentimes employers can be out of compliance with various employment laws and regulations but not know it. See here as an example. If potential violations are caught early with an Employment Practices Audit, the issues can be fixed at a much lower cost than if discovered by government investigators during an inspection or if discovered after litigation has commenced. Also, regular proactive and comprehensive audits can help to demonstrate a business’s “good faith” compliance and can serve as a defense in costly employment litigation.

Some of the areas covered by our Employment Practices Audit include:

Employment Practices Audit: Payroll and wages

  • wage and hour compliance
  • employment classifications
  • commission agreements
  • pay equity and discrimination
  • personnel and payroll records

Employment Practices Audit: Workplace Policies

  • workers compensation policies
  • document retention policies
  • Mediation and Arbitration agreements
  • Required notices

Employment Practices Audit: Employee Benefits

  • Meals and breaks policies
  • Uniform and equipment
  • policies paid time off, holiday and leave policies
  • fringe benefits, employee perks and incentives
  • Health insurance

Employment Practices Audit: Recruitment and hiring

  • Job postings
  • Search firms, temporary agency agreements
  • employment applications
  • interviewing techniques
  • use of pre-employment assessments
  • background checks
  • drug testing policies offer letters
  • employment contracts

Employment Practices Audit: I-9 compliance

  • Form completion compliance
  • Document retention policy

Employment Practices Audit: Performance and Evaluation

  • Job descriptions
  • performance tracking
  • employee evaluations and reviews
  • employee training

Employment Practices Audit: Discipline and Discharge

  • employee discipline
  • discharge procedures
  • termination checklists
  • exit interviews
  • return of company equipment and information
  • confidentiality
  • non-compete agreements

Employment Practices Audit: Workplace Policies

  • employment handbook review
  • HR Forms review
  • Code of conduct, conflict of interest policies
  • Required Postings and Notices
  • addressing employee concerns
  • harassment and discrimination policies
  • disability analysis and accommodation
  • workplace security and workplace searches
  • employee privacy and HIPAA compliance
  • technology and communications policies
  • social media policy

Employment Practices Audit: Dispute Resolution

  • Mediation and Arbitration agreements
  • Required notices

In addition to technical compliance with the law we make recommendations for best practices and look for gaps in HR practices. A proactive audit can assist in correcting problems early and avoiding future liability.

Bottom Line for Employment Practices Audit

Employment legal issues can be an unwanted distraction. A business and employment lawyer can help ensure that your business remains compliant and a regular Employment Practices Audit should be considered an essential part of running any business operation.

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